“Every child is an artist.” -Pablo Picasso

My favorite thing to do, as a babysitter, is to make art with my kids. Every child is a little bit different; they have different skill sets, interests, and perspectives. One of the best ways I can nurture my kids’ strengths, develop strong relationships with them, and have fun is to engage in creative art projects with them.

This post is about paint pour-overs. It’s super easy, fun, active, and turns out great every time.

Here’s What You Need

  1. One canvas per child. (They can be thin, cheap canvases. It will still look good!)
  2. One disposable cup per child (plastic or paper cups preferred).
  3. A variety of acrylic paints. I use Craftsmart from Michaels.
  4. Garbage bags / sheets to lay on the ground outside.
  5. Drying racks or something elevated that allows for excess paint runoff.


  1. Lay down garbage bags on the ground as tarps. Secure them so they don’t blow away. Do this outside or in a garage if the weather is not permitting.
  2. Set up the drying rack on top of the garbage bag to avoid painting the grass like we did.
  3. Put the canvas or canvases on top of the drying racks.
  4. Here’s the fun part: Have the kids fill each of their disposable cups with paint of different colors. Instruct them to NOT STIR the paint. Fill the cups about half-way full to 2/3 full. Usually, the paintings turn out better if the kids keep cool colors with cool colors and warm colors with warm colors. But, if you’ve got a child with a keen artist’s eye, let them experiment!
  5. Have the kids pour some paint onto the canvas. Then, have them tilt the canvas so that the paint will drip/flow in different directions. Add more paint and repeat until content with results.
  6. Done! Let them dry overnight or for 48 hours.
Pour-Over Paint With Warm Colors
Pour-Over Paint With Cool Colors