Welcome to Apricity, a work-in-progress, wordless and fantastical comic. Follow Persephone, a young sorceress who awakens in the mysterious woodlands of the Vorpal Kingdom without any memory as to who she is, where she came from, or why she’s there. The young Wendigo prince, Thaddeus, somehow arrives just in time–saving her from the clutches of the sinister wolven Wer-dog tribe. Dark magic, the fae, problematic suitors, and an uncertain path lie ahead as Persephone undergoes a journey of self-discovery, regal duty, and perseverance.

This comic is unfinished in its current form. In the near future, it will hopefully be reworked into a more cohesive, refined work. As it stands, this chapter is a one-shot. Characters, plot lines, and themes are subject to change during the revision in the near future.

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