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Here is the link to my shop, Painted Fox Studios. On this website, you can buy prints, commissions, stickers, and photographs.

Link to Etsy Shop For Painted Fox Studios

On this page, you can also see some of my past works. If you love these pieces and would like one for your own home, please visit my shop.

“Paradise Lost” painting. For Sale on Etsy Shop ($5.00-$25.00)
“The Queen” For sale on my Etsy shop. ($5.00-$18.00).
Inspired by the film Johnny Guitar, here is my painting “Stain”. Not currently for sale (pending copyright license)
Inspired by the 1935 film, “Bride of Frankenstein” here is my work, “The Bride: She Lives”. Not currently for sale: pending vendor license from Universal Studios. She is brought to life not with lightning, but Copic markers, Micron pens, and Bristol paper.
This comic, simply titled ” Rot” is for sale on my Etsy shop. ($10.00) Drawn on Bristol paper with Micron pens.
This work, titled “Biblical”, is not currently for sale. Made with photoshop vectoring techniques and spray paint.
Still life work in charcoal titled “Coconut Time” is not currently for sale.
This work is inspired by the Winx Club character, Bloom. Titled “The Lost Fairy”. This work is not for sale due to copyright reasons. She was made with the use of Copic markers, Micron pens, Prismacolor colored pencils, and Sharpies.
Titled “Holden”, this work is a simple pencil sketch on sketch paper. It is not currently for sale.
If cartoon-drawing commissions are of interest to you, please do not hesitate to reach out! Cartoon renderings are available as simple sketches like this one or as fully fleshed-out colorizations; contact me at gustafsonanastasia@gmail.com for more info and pricing.
Interested in homemade little books like this one? Please email me at gustafsonanastasia@gmail.com for details and pricing.