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What I’m Reading This Summer

Reading over the summer was not easy this year. As the COVID-19 pandemic began winding down (fingers-crossed), so too had my energy and appetite for reading. During the dramatic and drawn-out saga of e-learning, reading and writing had been, perhaps, the most important modalities by which I communicated with others. Every day, I was writing …


Professionalism, Advocacy, and Leadership: An Art Educator’s Spring 2021 Journey

At Illinois State University, students pursuing either an Art Education B.A. or Art Education Endorsement are required, by the department, to engage in both rigorous coursework and extracurricular art-related experiences. These experiences are broken down into two categories: PAL 1’s and PAL 2’s. “PAL” stands for “Professionalism, Advocacy, and Leadership”. PAL’s are, to put it …


Teaching Art At The Regional Alternative School: Overview and Experience

In ART 211, “Media, Techniques, and Inquiry Suitable for Secondary Schools”, I was responsible for crafting, facilitating, and teaching an art education unit within the Bloomington Regional Alternative School in Bloomington, IL. This page works to discuss that process, the artifacts curated, my experience, and my major educational takeaways. Description During my three-week-long teaching experience …