Anastasia Gustafson sent in portraiture art to the YouTuber, Ordinary Sausage, and was featured on his channel. The portrait depicted the creator, Ordinary Sausage, in a cartoony, dark, and Edward-Gorey-esque style.

Ordinary Sausage has nearly 600,000 subscribers on YouTube. His channel consists of turning regular foods into sausages. His work has been featured by other famous YouTubers, such as Penguin0 and (obscurely) on Binging With Babish. Gustafson’s art was featured on Ordinary Sausage’s video, Gyro Sausage.

Anastasia Gustafson’s portrait of Ordinary Sausage.

Gustafson works as a freelance artist when she is not engaged in full-time school or part-time tutoring. Gustafson attends Illinois State University and will graduate in the Spring of 2022 with an Honors B.A. In English Teacher Education and two subsequent endorsements in Middle-Level ELA and K-12 Visual Arts. She runs a small Etsy shop, called the Painted Fox Studio Shop.