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Local Art by Anastasia Gustafson: Holiday Window Painting in Wheaton, IL.

Photo shows Wheaton, IL College Nannies+Sitters+Tutors location displaying Anastasia Gustafson’s art. I work for College Nannies+Sitters+Tutors as a tutor–but sometimes, I get to have fun and paint the windows, too! During the December 2020, in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, College Nannies+Sitters+Tutors asked me to bring some much needed holiday cheer to the windows …


What I’m Reading Now (October 2020)

John Kennedy Toole has done what not many authors do successfully: render me absolutely speechless. Ignatius J. Reilly, the protagonist of this contemporary, carnival-satire, baptizes the world in his unruly, disgusting, and exceedingly bulging fire. A man who embodies all seven deadly sins, a college-educated hot-dog vendor, and an evil oaf; Ignatius J. Reilly might …